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Is your man always right even when he's wrong? Blame testosterone: Hormone makes them act without thinking ... - Daily Mail
Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses: Sex hormone connected with greater reliance on gut ... ScienceDaily.

Avoid raw fish dishes during your holiday in Thailand! Doctors warn they are full of deadly parasites which could ... - Daily Mail
You may think eating traditional dishes when you go abroad is custom – but you should think twice before doing so in Thailand. Koi pla ... Many villagers are shocked to hear that a beloved dish passed down for generations is a danger rather than a comfort.

Why worshipers in Spain wear white robes and hoods to mark Holy Week and how it has NOTHING to do with the KKK - Daily Mail
Far from a revival of America's most renowned White Supremacist group as feared by the basketball player, the outfits he spotted in Seville are part of a religious tradition in Spain. The hood's official name is a Capirote and they are worn during Holy.

Apple Just Leaked iOS 11 and Looks Like We're Getting an 'iPhone X'
Another zany new development is Animoji, which are apparently 3D-generated emojis which will sync with facial tracking to create customized expressions. This presumably means people will soon be able to use the poop emoji to create even lewder jokes.

Here Are The Cars You Hate Irrationally
Oh, my friends. You have such hate in your dark hearts. So much anger for the cars. And I love every bit of it. Last week, I asked you guys for the cars you irrationally, irrevocably and unreasonably hated. Not brands, specific models. I was looking for.

QUICKFIRE: Singer John Newman on tipsy ghosts, gimmicky gadgets and ungrateful girlfriends - Daily Mail
A custom car designer or working in Formula 1. Earliest memory? My mum telling me there were ghosts in our house. What I thought were poltergeists smashing things in the night was probably my dad stumbling around drunk. Secret to a happy relationship.

Collateral Beauty isn't a feelgood film, but with an all-star cast including Will Smith and Helen Mirren, it's ideal ... - Daily Mail
It's not often I suggest you rush to see a film, particularly when I know Collateral Beauty won't be to everybody's taste. But if you're halfway inclined, and like a bit of Will Smith or Keira Knightley now and again, read on because this is the sort.

Top 16 Best High Waisted Bikinis for Summer 2017
The beauty of separates, if you’re like most women who aren’t proportioned exactly the same on top and bottom, is that you can get a perfectly customized fit ... s always up when you’re wearing this Calvin Klein high waisted bikini.

You can now snort chocolate — but should you? Washington Post.

AP PHOTOS: A look at Pippa Middleton's high-society wedding - Daily Mail
Pippa Middleton wore a custom wedding gown designed by Giles Deacon, a long veil by prominent hat-maker Stephen Jones, and a sparkly tiara. Tennis star Roger Federer and his wife, Mirka, were among the guests, as was reality TV personality Spencer&nbsp.

Would YOU wear a 'fellatio retainer'? Controversial project creates retainer to give men more pleasure - while ... - Daily Mail
The plastic contraption fits into the sexual partner's mouth like a normal tooth-protecting device provided by orthodontists. But this invention, by dentist-turned-artist Kuang-Yi Ku, has an added twist. Aside from keeping the sexual partner's teeth in.

Today's Top News (16 Videos)
During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton said that she does not give absolution to those who now regret not voting during the 2016 presidential election.

Babies made without mothers 'will come sooner than we think', leading scientists warn after study discovered how to ... - Daily Mail
Late last year, a team at the University of Bath discovered that sperm and skin cells - or any other kind of non-egg cell - might be all you need for conception. At the time, they said the scenario of men conceiving with men was 'speculative and.

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