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They asked their experts from a physical fitting lounge in Bangalore and discovered that every four out of five women in India wore bras of the wrong size that eventually lead to a multitude of problems and discomfort. ... Richa Kar, Founder and CEO of.

Getting the Right Cup Size on Handmade Lingerie
My suggestion is to put on an unpadded or lightly padded bra or bralette. Choose something that doesn’t compress your bust too much, as you will want an accurate measurement. To determine your cup size, subtract your band measurement from your bust.

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To overcome this, we've created videos and online content to help you find the right size . Virtual fitting with the FitCode on the Zivame mobile app allows women to take the FitCode quiz in the privacy of their homes and find their unique breast.

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As Cora Harrington, founder of The Lingerie Addict, told me during an interview for Yotpo: “Once people find their favorite bra , they're reluctant to change.” The reason revolves around ... A recent study of 1.3 million customer reviews connected to.

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For example, customers can measure themselves using our online bra size calculator ; one could also book an appointment online through which they can experience a personalized fitting session with one of our Fit Advisors at the Zivame Studio. We offer&nbsp.

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Hold a measuring tape flat on your rib cage just below your breasts at the place where you would fasten the bra strap. Ensure that the tape is parallel with the ground and not tilted. You will have to stand in front of a mirror while you measure.

Your Bra Size Matters Less Than You Think
Some bra brands now focus on either end of the wide spectrum of AAA to N cups, and 28 to 58 bands. Still women struggle to find their "right" support. Maybe for 80 percent of women, size is just an arbitrary starting point. It's not the best measure of bra.

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However, gone are the days when you had to depend only on breast implants to enhance your assets. With amazing makeup tricks like contouring and access to the best push-up bras in the market, why would one need to even give a thought to going under&nbsp.

The Best Nursing Bras (+ How to Buy One That Fits)
The best nursing bras fit ... a different size. 2. Plan to buy a size that’s bigger than what you normally wear. Your breast size will increase once your milk comes in after your baby is born. You may also want to ask a salesperson to measure you.

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It needs to be consultative, so that a woman can buy the perfect lingerie based on her age, body type, etc.” Richa was keen on her business idea having a pan India presence and so decided to tap the online shopping trend. In 2011, she set up Zivame .com.

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The padded bra In padded bras , the cups are not flimsy like the basic bra , and have a structure of their own. They lend a smooth, rounded shape to the breasts and play the important role of concealing the nipples completely, not letting them show.

Do you wear the right bra size? Here's how to measure at home
1. Put on a non-padded bra. This will help lift breasts, but not alter the size. Measure without a shirt on if you can. Use a non-padded bra to accurately measure your bra size. Anna De Souza / TODAY 2. Your first measurement is right below your breast.

Exactly What It Sounds Like, Sizem Made A Fit Calculator To Find Your Correct Bra Size
the right bra is like an unlimited month of Pilates classes for your boobs. A Croatian startup called Sizem has created a size calculator to remedy this problem, using a series of measurements taken by the user with a tailor’s tape. It basically asks you.

How to tell if your bra doesn't fit anymore, aside from the fact that it's falling apart
you may not be the same size across all brands. This means your bra won't fit as well as it should. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to determine if your bra is a good fit. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks to help you decide if that bra you.

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