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Eighth-grader Richard Isaacs scores UNLV men's basketball offer - Las Vegas Review-Journal
High basketball IQ . Good decision-maker.” Isaacs learned the game from his father, Richard Isaacs Sr., a former basketball coach who once ran one of the most successful AAU programs in Los Angeles. The elder Isaacs would bring his son to his AAU.

No Dumb Blonde: Fair-Haired Women Have the Highest IQ - Men's Fitness
For example: Kids who grow up in households with dogs and other pets have a lower risk of asthma and allergies because their bodies are introduced to foreign bacteria and substances at an earlier age, research has shown. It's not just families with.

The Way of the Joker - Bleacher Report
He strolled through the locker room wearing nothing but a pair of Baywatch-themed boxer briefs , quickly dressed and then met the obvious question—"What happened with Russ?"—with a disarming reply. "I don't know," Jokic said, allowing a pregnant pause.

Intelligent people have a higher risk of mental illness - AND poor physical health triggered by mood disorders ... - Daily Mail
Intelligent people have double the risk of mental illness compared to their lesser-intelligent peers - and more often suffer anxiety-related physical woes, a new study has found. Researchers at Pitzer College screened 3,715 members of Mensa, the IQ.

Tom Hiddleston's underwear shots expose our double standards - The Guardian
Any female celebrity who has ever been persuaded to undo her top because the film needs publicity, or has, like Miley Cyrus, decided to “take control” of her own image and get naked without coercion, steps immediately into a looking-glass world where.

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The 11 craziest, most intense moments from their New York City press ... - Men's Fitness
Alvarez comes in with a 49–1–1 record, but Golovkin, aka "Triple G," will put his 37–0–0 undefeated record—and his historic 89.8% knockout rate—on the line. Although the lead-up to the fight hasn't been as loud or brash as Mayweather-McGregor, true.

Green age kicks: how ethical trainers won the fashion seal of approval - The Guardian
There are some other sustainable brands following the model, including Swedish Stockings, which makes, yes you guessed it, “conscious” pantyhose; and underwear brand The Nude Label who make everyday bras and knickers in Valencia, Spain. The Australian.

This teenager is definitely cleverer than you as he gets highest EVER score to join Mensa -
The schoolboy , who only turned 13 this month, achieved 162 in his entry IQ test - the maximum possible, which places him in the top 1 per cent of people in the world. He also scored in the highest mark in the second test, known as the Culture Fair.

The magnificent five: They have made it to the final of Child Genius - but just who are Britain's brainiest youngsters? - Daily Mail
While children their age might be expected to pick their favourite superhero or a character from a book as a specialism, these brainboxes have chosen topics such as the work of English scientist Edward Jenner and ancient Greek philosophy. Although very.

12-year-old with IQ higher than Einstein and tipped to win Child Genius reveals amazing plans to help others -
A 12-year-old tipped to win Child Genius has revealed his amazing plans to help others in the future. Inspirational Rahul, who has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein, spoke about his "amazing" experience on the Channel 4 series which sees young.

Jeff Horn: How Boxing Transformed A Bullied School Kid Into The WBO Welterweight Champion -
On 15 June, MMA and boxing enthusiasts finally got what they all have been wishing for - the confirmation of an ultimate showdown between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. But, far away from what is now being touted as the biggest extravaganza in.

9 Celebs Who Are Obsessed With Junk Food (and Aren't Ashamed to Admit It) - Bravo (blog)
4. Chrissy Teigen. The model/cookbook author has a bit of an obsession with licking Doritos dust. (Who needs the actual chips?) So it makes total logical sense that she would be all over the Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell. And presumably they're.

The World's Second-Smartest Man Tells Us What Makes Him Feel Stupid
Rosner has an IQ of 192 and is used to mingling with and competing against high-IQ people (By the way ... modelling and trying to write a novel and still being in my socks and underwear when my wife got home from work, started getting work writing.

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