Briefs Or Boxers Celebrities With High Iqs


Men have bigger brains! But don't worry ladies, yours are MUCH more efficient... (no surprise there then) - Daily Mail
It is a standing joke among the bravest of men โ€“ that their other halves have smaller brains. But women perform better in memory tests despite the fact that men do actually have larger brains, experts say. That's even though men have a higher IQ by.

Stop taking vitamins just because celebrities tell you to, doctors urge - Daily Mail
Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow (left) and Lo Bosworth (right) claim taking vitamins has helped them fight fatigue, wrinkles and even depression. But doctors say the claims are unfounded and that you're wasting both your time and your money by popping.

Barron Trump Is Headed to Washington This Summer - Hollywood Reporter
Melania and Barron Trump won't be moving to the White House New York Post.

Autism is linked to intelligence: People with 'smart genes' are more likely to have the disorder - Daily Mail
Many of the genetic variations linked with high IQ also correlated with other attributes: More years spent in school, bigger head size in infancy, tallness, and even success in kicking the tobacco habit. One of the strongest - and most surprising.

EXCLUSIVE - 'I stopped drinking at 8 weeks pregnant': Six mothers of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome reveal the ... - Daily Mail
Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous - but excited. They stocked up on baby gear, followed every pregnancy guide to the letter, ate well, rested up. And, like most expectant moms, Natyra stopped.

Regardless of ticket sales, Las Vegas is set to party its way through Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor - The Independent
Nate Diaz comes out in support of Conor McGregor Sporting News.

North West and Penelope Disick steal Kim Kardashian's high heels as they 'party plan' in adorable video -
She's only just turned five, but it seems Penelope Disick is already in a rush to grow up. The tot, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday, and cousin North West strutted around in high heels stolen from Kim Kardashian's designer wardrobe. Kim, 36.

Man sets underwear on fire and causes Walgreens to evacuate. But he won't be charged. - Sacramento Bee
A Modesto Walgreens was briefly evacuated Saturday morning after a man set his underwear on fire in the bathroom. The man, 45-year-old Andrew ... 'Get a Sense of Humor.' White House Calls Donald Trump's Comment About Rex Tillerson's IQ a 'Joke'&nbsp.

3 celebrity bodyguards explain what it takes to protect stars and billionaires โ€” quick thinking, diplomacy, and a ... - Business Insider
quot; Celebrities in particular like to attract attention to themselves by overtly using bodyguards like these. However, when it all goes wrong, and they need a different level of protection and professionalism, it is companies like Intelligent Protection.

Zimbabwe Tourism gives in to Zodwa Wabantu's underwear demands - Citizen
The head of corporate affairs for the authority reportedly wanted the entertainer to wear underwear , or they apparently stood the risk of offending โ€œchiefs and traditional leaders attending the performanceโ€. The authority's chief executive reportedly.

There's a secret version of Tinder for models and millionaires called Tinder Select - Business Insider
Does anyone else have this "S" at the top of the main screen? It showed up this morning and said something about ... Reddit.

WATCH: Riky Rick 'kills' Van Damme with his penis - Citizen
The robe he was wearing failed to hide his underwear , and fans started talking about his manhood. โ€œAnd of course you had to give a sneak preview of your van damme thiza nkosi,โ€ said one of his followers. Another said they had watched the video several&nbsp.

Vagina cleavage: New fashion trend sees celebrities baring all in knickerless gowns
More and more celebs are flashing vagina cleavage in skin-exposing dresses with soaringly high splits. Seams are inching higher ... How to avoid Camel Toe with Cuchini girls Both shunned underwear and instead strategically concealed their modesty with.

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