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The Inaugural Parade, and the Presidents Who Walked It - New York Times
With his wife, Melania Trump, at his side, he stepped out of their limousine and took a brief stroll along Pennsylvania Avenue on Friday to wave at crowds during the inaugural parade. The walk has been an informal custom since 1977, when President.

How Marine Le Pen played the media - The Guardian
Faye, 29, with ruddy cheeks and modish round glasses, conducts himself with a friendly but slightly fervent air that is common among French political reporters, who constitute an informal elite within French journalism. He fits a ... “You have a nice.

Russian contacts haunt Trump team - SFGate
Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose Washington Post.

John Elway Q&A on 49ers GM John Lynch: 'He likes those challenges' - SFGate
John Lynch explains why his daughter cried when he took the 49ers job | 49ers Webzone 49ers Webzone.

Tensions Erupt in Brussels, and Police in 4 Countries Make Arrests - New York Times
BRUSSELS — The police in at least four countries arrested new suspects during the weekend in the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks, as memorials in central Brussels to the victims of Tuesday's bombings were briefly overrun by hooligans. Angry.

Four 'gang members' charged in rape, robbery of teens in St. Paul - Brainerd Dispatch
quot;Despite the victims complying with their orders and handing over their valuables, the perpetrators in this case forced the female victims into a car and repeatedly raped them," said Ramsey County Attorney John Choi. "These allegations are ... One.

Trump had undisclosed hour-long meeting with Putin at G-20 Summit - The Boston Globe
Trump had second private G20 talk with Putin

'We have to win,' Donald Trump tells supporters in Mich. - The Boston Globe
Click here for the latest updates. WASHINGTON — The latest on the US presidential campaign: 1:40 a.m.. Advertisement. Donald Trump has a final message to his supporters in the election's waning hours: ''We have to win.'' The GOP nominee told his final&nbsp.

John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci - New York Times
White House tensions flare in the open as Scaramucci rips Priebus in vulgar tirade SFGate.

How stage-managed are Theresa May's general election rallies? Your full depressing guide to the Tory campaign -
But one person claiming to work there said he had gone home when she turned up, and "everyone in the building past 6pm was invite-only". ... In it she repeats her key phrases like "strong and stable" and briefly dismisses Jeremy Corbyn. In some ... But.

Small Changes in Teaching: The Minutes Before Class - Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
If we started a little late, no problem — there was so much time to fill! But lately I have turned .... Before class starts, let the image direct the informal conversations, Newbury argues, and then use it to guide a brief discussion during the.

How 'Brexit' Could Change Business in Britain - New York Times
British officials are hopeful about a trade deal with the United States (President Trump is certainly positive about the prospect of such an agreement), and they are holding informal talks with the World Trade Organization. Australia has said it is.

Should Prostitution Be a Crime? - New York Times
Muñoz was in the middle of a pitched battle over the terms, and even the meaning, of sex work. In the United States and around the globe, many sex workers (the term activists prefer to “prostitute”) are trying to change how they are perceived and policed.

Eyewitness to a Title IX Witch Trial - Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
After I wrote an essay for The Chronicle Review in February 2015 that briefly mentioned Ludlow's sexual-misconduct case, students marched to the president's office with a petition against me; a short time later, two grad students filed Title IX.

Bangladeshi editor who faced 83 lawsuits says press freedom under threat - The Guardian
Afsan Chowdhury, a veteran journalist and researcher, said : “In terms of media freedom, Bangladesh is going through a very major transition.” He said that throughout the country's brief history (it established independence from Pakistan in 1971), media.

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