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Perfect boob size revealed: This is how big men really want breasts to be
Womens’ breasts come in all kinds of different shapes – in fact there’s nine boob variations in the world – but what’s the perfect size? To find out what men find most attractive, researchers at Prague's Charles University quizzed lads from four.

'I was jealous of my caricature, she was everything I wanted to be!' Hairdresser spends £130,000 on plastic surgery - including FIVE boob jobs - to look like a cartoon drawing ...
She would go on to have another three breast augmentations costing over £16,000 to get her to her current 36K bra size. From her early twenties, Krystina began having lip injections and botox every 6 months - spending £550 a time - so she can emulate her.

Behind the curve: Bra makers need to design for today's bustier woman
The average bra size is now 34DD, but designers aren't taking notice ... people comment on how you’ve ‘got the girls on show’” and “having to buy swimsuits which have built in bras to avoid looking saggy”. Not even the US brand Reformation.

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