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Marine Diesel Engine Market Share, Industry Size and Forecast 2023
The general operating efficiency of marine diesel engine operate at an average efficiency of 40% to 50% depending upon the age of the engine, deadweight tonnage, and vessel size ... (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China.

Google's AlphaGo AI defeats a master of the ancient Chinese board game, Go, in the first of three matches - Daily Mail
Google's artificial intelligence programme AlphaGo (right screen) will face the world's top-ranked Go player, China's 19-year-old Ke Jie (left), in a contest expected to end in another victory for rapid advances in AI. Mr Ke was defeated in their first.

The US company said it was setting up the facility in the southern province of Guizhou with data management firm Guizhou-Cloud Big Data Industry Co Ltd. A spokesman told Reuters this would form part of a planned $1 billion investment by Apple into the&nbsp.

The Astonishing True Cost of Your Bra - Racked
For years, the most popular bra size was 34B, but the majority of American bra-wearers don't actually fit that body type. Still, that's the most common size ... available in all cup sizes ? But some issues are even more frustrating than traditional.

China probes three of its top social media sites for 'spreading violence and obscenity' in the latest censorship ... - Daily Mail
China has launched probes into three of its largest social networking platforms over claims they are spreading violence and obscenity. Messaging service WeChat, the Twitter-like Weibo and the Tieba discussion forum are all under investigation (stock.

Mystery surrounds secret new version of Windows 10 created for the Chinese government - Daily Mail
In a move that is bound to raise eyebrows, Microsoft has launched a a specially modified version of Windows 10 for use by the Chinese government. The customised operating system is expected to have beefed up security, to counter reported threats from.

Amazon takes to the seas! Retail giant is running its own shipping service to bring products from China to the US - Daily Mail
Since October, Amazon has shipped at least 150 containers of goods from China , Laura Stevens with the Wall Street Journal revealed these statistics after analyzing shipping documents collected at ports of entry that were compiled by Ocean Audit, a firm&nbsp.

Apple is working with a Chinese firm to develop batteries for its electric car - Daily Mail
CATL currently produces battery packs for electric buses, electric passenger vehicles, electric trucks, and for stationary energy storage. The company has been the third-largest battery manufacturer in the world for the past two years, shipping 6.8 GWh.

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) 2017 Global Market to Reach US$ 3780 million and Forecast to 2021
including market size, volume and value, as well as price data. The region including: United States, Canada, South America, China, Japan, India, Korea, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Europe as a whole, Middle East Africa, GCC etc. region coverage is very.

From flushing phones down the toilet to hiding components in bras: Leaked Apple briefing reveals the lengths workers ... - Daily Mail
39;If you have a housing, you pretty much know what we're going to ship ,' Rice said, according to The Outline. While leaks involving stolen parts from Apple's factories in China were once the biggest problem, the experts say the risk has now shifted to.

The race to mine Antarctica: China calls for 'proper balance' between environmental and economic interests - Daily Mail
A Chinese leader on Tuesday urged international representatives to strike a 'proper balance' between environmental and economic interests in Antarctica, as the frozen continent's vulnerability to climate change raises worries that some nations could.

Computer virus battered Reckitt Benckiser adds to Monday gloom. Can its security fend off future outbreaks? - The Independent
A Monday morning of doom and gloom, and it wasn't just the weather or the IMF's downgrade of the UK economy that contributed: Reckitt Benckiser chipped in too. ... The resultant delays to shipping and invoicing have, in some cases, lost it sales.

Chinese restaurant offers bra size discounts
Image caption A woman with an A-cup bra could get 5% off her meal, but someone with a G cup could get a 65% discount. A Chinese restaurant has come under fire for offering discounts to women depending on their bra size ... restaurant in China has offered.

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