Bra Sanjaya Tenuta'S Milwaukee


Where Magazine Chicago October 2017
October Highlights Chicago’s international film fest, live performances, a sprint to the finish line at the marathon, and Halloween fun for kids and adults alike. Explore Lincoln Park, the city’s largest park, which stretches over 1,208 acres and.

Idolator’s Top 10 Predictions For ‘American Idol’ Season 10
7. This year’s most popular bad contestant (aka William Hung, Sanjaya, General Larry Platt) will be a 47-year old divorcee from Milwaukee whose original song “The Bra Strap Snap” will be Auto-Tuned on YouTube, go to #1 on iTunes, and get her an.

Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday
As usual my attention wavered this morning reading an article on how many ways I'm not EVER going to be able to retire. Got back over here and already I'm late to the pool. CHEERS to Dr. Dean hosting Countdown tonight and tomorrow night. Can't imagine.

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