Bra Burners 1968 Democratic Convention


Turning Back to an American Turning Point, 1968
That's 1968, the subject of tonight's "CBS Reports ... Johnson Presidency, and the rioting by both protesters and the police during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago assured the victory of Richard M. Nixon. The commotion was not strictly.

Historic snowstorms, anti-Vietnam protests and the first computers in schools: As Mad Men enters 1968, vintage photographs show how accurate the hit TV show really is
In Mad Men's first episode of season six, a severe snowstorm ravages New York as Don Draper reads the January 1st, 1968 front page headline ... where the media gave them the moniker 'bra burners.' Richard Nixon, running for President on a campaign.

It's Over 30; Can Rolling Stone Be Trusted?
The Dec. 6, 2001, cover featured Spears in a low-cut bra next to the words: "Britney Takes Charge. Her Life, Her Music and the Future." The photo made an additional point: Her Breasts. All too often, however, Rolling Stone has simply gone for starlets.

In '1968,' an overseas war, riots in Chicago and a year worth revisiting
“Ban the Bra,” reads one button ... especially in the section on the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the touring show next goes to Denver. It gives each month a theme and an icon. Three examples: May is represented by a boot, for the Poor.

Pageant Protest Sparked Bra-Burning Myth
As a small group of feminists prepared to launch their emerging women's liberation movement onto the national stage by protesting the 1968 ... "bra burners." In reality, no bras were actually burned on the boardwalk in front of the Atlantic City convention.

People & Events: The 1968 Protest
In 1968 feminists targeted the Miss America Pageant for protest. They staged a theatrical demonstration outside of the Atlantic City Convention Center on the ... Still, reporters coined the phrase "bra burners" to characterize the protesters, capitalizing.

Egypt’s Rodney King Moment
There’s the now globally iconic "blue bra girl," the poor young woman who was savagely ... Chicago Police Department on anti-Vietnam War protesters during the 1968 Democratic Convention — if only that attack had taken place during the age of Twitter.

Tom Brokaw revisits 1968
You had the working-class dad who may have been a veteran of World War II, who came home in 1968, sat down at the dinner table, looked up and saw his son with hair down to here, an American flag for a shirt, his daughter without a bra with her boyfriend.

If a clown is elected president, don't blame the news media
In Philadelphia a week later, the Democratic convention will probably be a less riotous affair, although Bernie Sanders’ youth brigades could inject some unexpected passion, depending on how his race with Hillary Clinton finishes. In 1968, the Vietnam.

How to remember 1968: The right way to remember the year when 'the whole world was watching' is to give history's complications their due
The coming year will be chock-full of 1968 commemorations. Deservedly so ... Kennedy's assassination, the Chicago Democratic Convention riots, the Miss America protest in Atlantic City, Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" and election, and, for good.

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