Boxers Or Briefs Meme Generator


Conor McGregor Tearing Up the Playbook En Route to Combat Sports Ultimate Fight
Joining me to discuss this ongoing saga and developing story is Bleacher Report Lead MMA Writer Chad Dundas ... the sudden butt of a million internet memes. But if McGregor plays this correctly—and so far he's played almost everything correctly.

Small Talk: Facebook underwear meme, beer for blood and online pornography
Answering a Facebook meme urging women to share their bra color, ostensibly in the name of breast cancer awareness, men are now being urged to aid prostate cancer awareness by revealing their underwear preference -- "boxers," "briefs," "jocks" or "commando.

A Timeline of the Abuse Charges Against Bill Cosby [Updated]
To battle the bad press, Cosby's PR team launches an online meme generator. Twitter is immediately inundated ... Motsinger says she woke up in her bed the next morning wearing only her underwear and knew immediately that she'd been assaulted.

Hey, So, Your iPhone May Have Tagged All the Photos of You in a 'Brassiere'
According to one Gizmodo editor, searching for “brassiere” on her device results in “just pics of me in tanktops. I guess it thinks the thin straps are brassiere straps.” Others reported inaccurate results including a meme of Mona Lisa.

Make Cool Avatars for Profile Pictures With the 5 Easiest Sites
Avataaars Generator ... blank figure wearing underwear. Almost everything is customizable in this one. Funnily, since this is an official avatar creator, you get a lot of the official South Park animations. From catchphrases as memes to the “Danishes.

James Franco Pulls Down Underwear For Most NSFW Selfie Yet (PHOTO)
Early this morning (May 2), the actor posted — and then deleted — an Instagram selfie in which he poses in boxer briefs. But the scandalous part ... screen shots of Internet content, meme imagies, and Microsoft Paint-style artworks.

Toms Makes Republican & Democrat Shoes — Guess Which Sold Out?
CafePress reports that their pro-Obama thongs (like this meme-tastic pair) are the most popular type ... since Michelle recently answered the “boxers or briefs" question with “none of the above.”.

I Can Ruin This Meal In Four Words
I spotted the following meme on Twitter Wednesday and absolutely could not ... Who is Jon Snow? I'm a Louisville Fan. Boxers or briefs? Neither. This meal is horrible. Does this look infected? Meet my boyfriend, Tattooface. Which one is Skynrd.

Hamilton cat burglar nabs neighbours undies in the night
Every night for the past two months, a burglar has been lurking the streets of Claudelands stealing mens' underwear and socks. Brigit, a six-year-old Tonkinese cat, has an oddball obsession with underwear, hauling a dozen boxer briefs and around 60.

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