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The Naked Truth About Public Speaking: Tips for Delivering a Winning Presentation
In my own speaking engagements, I've used funny family stories, Internet memes, and unusual facts to capture and ... And, if all else fails, you can always imagine 'em in their boxers and briefs.

Recreation – First Person
After watching his heaving chest for a moment, you remove his underwear and skin before proceeding upstairs ... There is a torch, a small elephant, a handgun, the stolen pair of white briefs, and dozens of others.The only clear standout is the loosely.

56 Unique Lorem Ipsum Generators
If there's a text generator you love and use ... Look at that, it's exactly three seconds before I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head. We got no food we got no money and our pets heads are falling off! Haaaaaaarry.

Lots of Democrats Want Socialism - Reason (blog)
Gasless Generator Could Save Lives4Patriots. Undo. StandardNews ...... That's my go-to response when I'm asked " Boxers or Briefs ?" reply to this report spam .... Another lefty on Facebook posted some dumb-ass meme : Mad Max/Road Warrior was the&nbsp.

The Danger of Anti-Rape Wear
Channeling Golda Meir, we would be better off developing anti-rapist briefs for men, since it's a few bad men who insist on forcing their junk where it doesn't belong. "Hey, boys -- can't control your rape drive? Buy these iron boxers! They're so difficult.

James Franco Pulls Down Underwear For Most NSFW Selfie Yet (PHOTO)
Early this morning (May 2), the actor posted — and then deleted — an Instagram selfie in which he poses in boxer briefs. But the scandalous part ... screen shots of Internet content, meme imagies, and Microsoft Paint-style artworks.

Hamilton cat burglar nabs neighbours undies in the night
Every night for the past two months, a burglar has been lurking the streets of Claudelands stealing mens' underwear and socks. Brigit, a six-year-old Tonkinese cat, has an oddball obsession with underwear, hauling a dozen boxer briefs and around 60.

Vehicle thefts, car break-ins, counterfeit scam and other Allen Park police briefs
The items included a black puffy jacket, Versace perfume, two shirts and underwear. Police were told the woman concealed the items under her work station, then walked out the receiving area. Police said she had active warrants for her arrest. A generator.

Toms Makes Republican & Democrat Shoes — Guess Which Sold Out?
CafePress reports that their pro-Obama thongs (like this meme-tastic pair) are the most popular type ... since Michelle recently answered the “boxers or briefs" question with “none of the above.”.

Joni Mitchell, Joan Didion, and Justin Bieber: Fashion's New Superstars - Daily Beast
This advertisement definitely didn't work for this reader: It immediately made me want to wear baggy, unattractive boxer shorts forever, because who would want to ape or emulate that spoiled, rude, entitled brat? Of course, as everything surrounding.

Zoella Fights Back Against The Press Trying To SLUT-SHAME Her - We The Unicorns
All we can interpret from the sudden press coverage of Zoella in her underwear is how appallingly eager mainstream media are to slut-shame and objectify women posting happy and care-free selfies to their fans – just look at what they did to Kim.

Conor McGregor Tearing Up the Playbook En Route to Combat Sports Ultimate Fight
Joining me to discuss this ongoing saga and developing story is Bleacher Report Lead MMA Writer Chad Dundas ... the sudden butt of a million internet memes. But if McGregor plays this correctly—and so far he's played almost everything correctly.

In the age of Twitter, reader boards still bring a smile
Like, “I asked my wife: Boxers or briefs? She said: Depends ... She’s a big fan of the Facebook page Spokane Memes, which has more than 25,000 followers. “Sometimes I use some of their stuff,” Arnold said, “because they are just so funny.”.

Strangest State: Inflatable Rescue Swan, Prairie Defilement and a Tiger on the Prowl - The Texas Observer
Evans, 20, snuck out of a Jasper hospital where he'd been sent for a hand X-ray, and had been last seen at Wal-Mart “only wearing boxer briefs and possibly handcuffs,” according to KTRE in Tyler. The 6-foot-tall Evans was only apprehended when sheriff.

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