Boxer Or Boxer Briefs


What's better, boxers or briefs?
The stereotype the world over is that men hate shopping for underwear, but in India, men love indulging in this narcissistic pastime and we’re not complaining. With a national need to look good on the inside, we find out how much of an ‘andar ki baat.

Boxers or briefs?
THE underwear debate has been replayed time and again, with every reason given from the aesthetic to the medical for whichever style a particular person prefers. Some hold that briefs are for boys and boxers are for men; others believe that briefs reduce.

Boxers or Briefs: Kickball Edition
Style reporter DanielXMiller is back for another Underwear Expert Exclusive in this edition of "Boxers or Briefs." Daniel is joined by Totes Masc, a gay kickball league, and two of its team members, Big Bang and Monstah. These players are happy to shed.

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In Praise of Boxer Briefs
It's come to my attention that there are some men out there—even a few friends of mine—who've not yet switched to boxer briefs. These are otherwise intelligent fellows who, either through ignorance or recalcitrance, begin each day by pulling on.

Robert Pattinson: Boxers or Briefs?
All you Twihards who have wondered if Robert Pattinson wore boxers or briefs can finally rest assured ... RPattz is a boxer briefs man. The 23-year-old vamp was spotted out in London with a man friend shopping for underwear. No tighty whities or banana.

Boxers Vs. Briefs - The Fight Rages On
Whoever said that men aren't sensitive has never talked to them about their underwear. On the outside, the situation is simple. There are boxer shorts, low-rise briefs, high-rise briefs, bikinis, string bikinis, stripes, polka dots, plaids, paisleys and.

The life of Riley: Boxers or briefs?
Our dog wears boxer shorts. This is not a particularly good look for a retriever...or any dog, for that matter. But I suppose as far as dog couture goes, it's not as bad as some of the outfits other people dress their dogs in, like those four-armed Argyle.

Boxer or Briefs? Gay Dodgeball players reveal all (VIDEO)
A new video has been released showing gay players revealing their choice of underwear. The Underwear Experts have once again asked the aged old question – boxers or briefs? The underwear aficionados have recently quizzed DJs, dancers, male models and men.

How boxer briefs got into pants
Seismic shifts rarely happen in men's underwear. For generations, man had focused on two basic options: boxers or briefs. Yet both of these classics have today been eclipsed by a style that didn't exist 25 years ago. Boxer briefs — with the length of.

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