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Skydiving In A Bra: D-Cup Daredevil Laura Muller Takes The Plunge To Test Bra
The 36D skydiving coach, from Yeadon in West Yorkshire, tested the new Belvia Bra - from 'as seen on TV' favourites JML. She said: "If a bra can stay comfortable at 150 mph, then it can certainly withstand a night out partying." The brave 22-year-old was.

Leaping 15,000ft from a plane? That's one way to test a bra!
One woman has discovered her true bosom buddy after leaping more than 15,000 feet from a plane, all in the name of testing out a new bra. Laura Muller, a skydiving coach from Yeadon in West Yorkshire tested out JML's latest creation, the new Belvia Bra.

Is this the end of cleavage as we know it?
How do we know? 'Vogue' hath declared it so. The magazine's claims that "the cleavage is over" have sparked a fight-back among women refusing to pack away their push-up bras. However, an article in this month's edition claims fashionistas are turning their.

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