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Book reviews: ‘Story of Underwear’ sure to become collector’s item
“The Story of Men’s Underwear” was launched at the fashionable Westfield’s in London, complete with scantily clad male models strutting their stuff. This followed a talk at the London College of Fashion, appearances on BBC radio and even commentary.

Egyptian Singer Sentenced to Two Years in Prison Over Music Video in Which She Suggestively Eats Fruit
The video, for which Shyma was arrested on November 18, for her song “I Have Issues,” features the singer eating an apple and a banana in her underwear in front of a classroom of young men. The Guardian ... According to the BBC, the post has since.

Sexsomnia: My boyfriend raped his ex 'in his sleep' - BBC News
Everyone knows about sleeping people who get up and go for a walk, but far less is heard about the rare cases of men who try to have sex in their sleep. One found himself in serious trouble, reports the BBC's Sally Abrahams. When Sarah first met Tom at.

'I've sat in a changing room in my underwear for ages' - BBC News
Dressing angst. We've all had it. Does this outfit make me look fat? Is it inappropriate for work? Is it something someone half may age would wear? Should I just give up and stay in bed forever? It's then we need help and advice from people we trust.

Ricky Hayden: Man jailed over bodyguard stab death - BBC News
A man has been jailed for killing a celebrity bodyguard who was stabbed with a machete outside his London home. Ricky Hayden, 27, and his father Paul, 54, were attacked by Tommy Roome as they tried to stop a moped being stolen from outside their home.

Child abuse inquiry: Boy 'abused' by head of Catholic school - BBC News
The man said he received a note from classmates when he was aged 10, saying the headmaster had died. Earlier, two ex-pupils described being beaten in classrooms and in the confessional of the Ampleforth College chapel. The men said they were also.

President's daughter sparks breastfeeding debate with photo - BBC News
A picture of the Kyrgyz president's youngest daughter feeding her baby dressed in her underwear has sparked a debate about breastfeeding and sexualisation. Aliya Shagieva posted the photo on social media back in April with the caption: 'I will feed my.

How model Rain Dove is challenging fashion conventions - BBC News
First man hired as face of Maybelline. A former genetic engineering student, she became a model by accident after losing a bet with a friend during an American football game. "She told me that if I lost the bet I'd have to go to a casting call for.

Emily Ratajkowski writhes in spaghetti for Love Advent calendar
have sex – those are my decisions and they shouldn’t be impacted by men. Being sexy is fun and I like it. I should never have to apologise for that. “My life is on my terms and if I feel like putting on sexy underwear, it’s for me. Personal choice.

How to make good jokes about the hijab - BBC Three
Finding the right way to be funny about religion requires both sensitivity and an understanding of how badly it can go wrong - as the comedian Shazia Mirza discovered last year when she joked that Muslim girls were joining terrorist groups abroad.

Kevin Spacey: More allegations of sexual harassment surface - BBC News
Kevin Spacey 'routinely preyed' on young men when he was artistic director of Old Vic

'Underwear to Court 18': Wimbledon Ensures Players Stick to the Code - New York Times
Wimbledon 2017: Boys' doubles team forced to change underwear after all-white rule violation Firstpost.

Gary Lineker's underwear pledge: Tips from men who work in pants - BBC News
39;Nothing much has really changed': Gary Lineker plays it cool as he keeps to his word and presents Match of the Day ... Daily Mail.

Dirty undies help American researchers to test Tennessee soil - ABC Online
Five pairs of white, men's underwear in different stages of disrepair. The underwear has been buried in different soils for 30 days and shows the different rates of degeneration. (Supplied: Coffee County Soil Conservation District). Share. Share on.

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