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A guide to buying lingerie - Sydney Morning Herald
For the record, the average woman's breast size is 14C, according to Adele Kershaw, Berlei bra designer. A generation ago, in 1960 the average breast size was 10B . Marianne Staktari, who opened Silk Elegance in Perth 20 years ago, says many men are&nbsp.

The Unfairness Of Being Dark-Skinned - Huffington Post India
I felt as though there was a tug of war between my ethnic background and cultural affiliation to India, and the comparatively "progressive" Western environment within which I was raised in Australia . Funnily enough, skin colour and ethnicity remained.

New All-Seeing Billboard Uses Hidden Cameras To Show Ads Based On Age, Emotions
According to its maker, the enormous screen (which is almost the size of two professional basketball courts ... as a way to monitor a public space to sell people TVs and sports bras. Adding to the creep factor, most of this tech is already being used.

The burdens of being busty - Sydney Morning Herald
Australian women's breasts are now bigger than ever, with cup sizes tripling in the past 50 years. In 1960, the average bra size was 10B . Today it is 14C. (To our mystified male readers, the number refers to the size of a woman's back and the letter to.

How To Tell If Your Bra Actually Fits - Huffington Post Australia
quot;If you want to change brands, everything fits differently," Favaloro said. "You have European cup sizes and Australian cup sizes -- it's all different. You really need to bring at least four different sizes with you." Finally, if you are one of those.

Embarrassing Bodies Down Under recap: do you measure up? - Sydney Morning Herald
Corrine's big problem allows narrator Dr Cindy to inform us that almost 50 years ago, the average Australian bra size was 10B , but by 2000, the average was 12B, and in 2013, it is a 14C. The number of tit tucks have also grown in the past 15 years too.

From designer to discount: Designer Collette Dinnigan partners with Target to release high-fashion, low-cost ... - Daily Mail
Unable to find a manager or backer to take on her retail business, Dinnigan told The Australian she would close her Sydney, Melbourne and London stores and stop producing her luxury bridal and evening attire to spend more time with her family.

Astronomers find a new type of planet: the โ€œmega-Earthโ€ - Astronomy Magazine
39;The Godzilla of Earths' is found: Planet 17 times larger than our own suggests there may be more habitable worlds ... Daily Mail.

RNA molecule that shields breast cancer stem cells from immune system - Science Daily
Researchers from Princeton University's Department of Molecular Biology have identified a small RNA molecule that helps maintain the activity of stem cells in both healthy and cancerous breast tissue. Above, the microscopic image shows different cell.

Collette Dinnigan returns to Target with chic knickers: priced from $15 to $45 it's affordable too -
program features collaborations with a prolific range of Australian and International designers. Collette Dinnigan Wild Hearts is available in 172 Target stores nationally and online from today with sizes ranging from 10B to 16DD and underwear from.

'Three month countdown': Gaz Beadle's pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey shows off her baby bump in a crop top as she approaches due date
Taking to Instagram on Friday, the the 25 year-old model posted a cheerful bathroom mirror selfie in a black sports bra and black leggings - flaunting ... Emma has been subjected to cruel taunts about the small size of her baby bump since she first.

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