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Second American Apparel advert banned for 'sexualisation'
Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images The clothing chain American Apparel has once again had one of its ads banned for apparently sexualising a child – just six months after a similar ruling. A web page advertising the retailer’s Lips Print thong bodysuit.

University's Islamic Society hands out booklets by banned extremist hate preacher which say 'every Muslim should be ... - Daily Mail
A university Islamic Society has apologised for handing out booklets written by a preacher saying 'every Muslim should be a terrorist'. MPs have reacted with fury to the gaffe and called for strategies such as Prevent to be refocused more on.

The Career Advice No One Will Give You - HuffPost
We see variations of this self-advice construct in web articles, bundled up in “Letters to Myself” books , in videos where semi-famous people fade into one another as they espouse inspiring aphorisms about life. It's intimate. ... Or something I think.

EU Headscarf Ban Ruling Sparks Faith Group Backlash - Huffington Post
Bosses can ban workers from wearing Islamic headscarves or other religious symbols, EU's top court rules Daily Mail.

Twitter Had A Field Day With The Ivanka Trump Brand Father's Day Gift Guide - HuffPost
How Ivanka Trump Influences Her Father Donald Trump Us Weekly.

This American Apparel Bodysuit Ad Has Been Banned In The UK
Clothing brand American Apparel is in trouble again with one of their adverts being the centre of heated debate. The now-banned ad shows a youthful looking woman donning the “Lips Print Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Thong Bodysuit” (say that when you’re.

This Former MTV Icon Found Inner Peace Through Islam - HuffPost
“We met people who were very poor in the mountains, in the northern areas of Pakistan, who welcomed us with generosity,” she said. ... This reaction had surprised Backer, because while she did enjoy an increased sense of modesty in her Muslim life, she.

Another Day, Another Time An American Apparel Ad Is Banned For Featuring A Sexualized, Youthful Model
American Apparel claimed that the model is 20-years-old. However, the Advertising Standards Authority declared that “some consumers were likely to regard her as being younger than 16 years of age.” The model’s youthful appearance and the sexualized.

Trump's Travel Ban Would've Killed Me - Huffington Post
I was relieved the U.S. federal appeals courts refused to reinstate Donald Trump's inhumane travel ban that detained refugees from Muslim countries and led to protests at Kennedy airport. It brought back memories of when my own ... Mom was a clothing.

Nothing to hide! Lil' Kim flashes her undergarments in sheer sparkle bodysuit at BET Awards after being named ... - Daily Mail
But that didn't stop Lil' Kim from bringing copious amounts of class and sophistication to the BET Awards show in Los Angeles on Sunday. The 42-year-old rapper dazzled in a sheer sparkle bodysuit as she made her way down the red carpet at the annual&nbsp.

New American Apparel ad banned for being too racy
The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an American Apparel advertisement for a bodysuit, saying the model in the ad appears to be under 16 years old, according to the Independent. The models' buttocks are also visible in the ad. American.

Ex-Kosovo president banned from book promotion in Serbia - Daily Mail
A rights group says Serbian police have banned a former Kosovo president from entering the country to participate in an event designed to boost dialogue between the former war foes. Jahjaga was to attend the presentation Friday, June 2, 2017 of a book &nbsp.

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