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20 Lingerie Store Workers Reveal Their Most Awkward Experiences with Customers
Twenty current and former lingerie store employees – from measurers to cashiers to waiting room attendants – shared their most awkward encounters with customers on Reddit. And it may ... to find a lady her first bra after a boob job.

Some Victoria's Secret bras have a weird defect — and customers are furious
Victoria's Secret's bras are a frequent subject of controversy. The company has been criticized for selling customers bras that don't fit properly ... King points to a Reddit forum in which a woman complained that she took a nap in a PINK bra and woke.

Bras Are Not From Outer Space and We Can Totally Figure Out This Crap
And finally, some resources for you! Reddit has probably the greatest collection of bra fit-related information you could hope to find on this wide web. I know! Reddit: Not entirely terrible. Nordstrom offers a wonderful Lingerie Guide 101 that includes a.

Could wearing a bra be doing your figure more harm than good? Controversial study says underwear 'is not needed'
Trudging into a fitting room, waiting to be measured, getting hot and bothered as you struggle into ten different styles to find one that fits properly … Bra shopping often feels like more trouble than it’s worth. And according to a French scientist.

3D modelling for a better-fitting bra
She is also fitting each woman who participates in the trial. ''A lot of women don’t know their own bra size or how to fit their bra. It seems to be a lesson that’s skipped a lot,'' Ms Coltman says. She has had 120 participants so far in her study.

The Kindest Communities on Reddit
As a male in my 20s, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this subreddit that I managed to fully understand the actual struggle that it is for some females to find a bra that fits them. As a Reddit community very specific to women’s underwear and bust sizes.

Lincoln City fan wears bra to Stevenage match to make a point about security
The biggest turned out to be the best. Still, he needed the help of a female Lincoln fan on the way to the match to extend the bra straps to ensure a truly snug fit. Simon Chanter (in the pink bra) has been a Lincoln City fans for more than 20 years For.

The 5 Best Bra Fitters In NYC
there's a] difference between how they look when they came in and how they left the store wearing the proper bra." I had a small audience of about 3 women there when I was getting fit, all of whom were not shy to let out an audible "whoa!" when I put on.

Reddit Bra Tips Abundant On ABraThatFits Subreddit
This awesome "subreddit" (subsection of Reddit) is dedicated to helping women figure out their breast shape, their true bra size, signs of improper fit, self-measuring techniques and all sorts of other lingerie intel. A Reddit community for over two years.

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