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The benefits capital of Britain: Birmingham tops league table of shame as shocking figures show ONE IN TEN residents ... - Daily Mail
Birmingham Ladywood is notorious for its welfare dependency levels, having featured in the 2014 Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street. The constituency, represented by Labour's Shabana Mahmood, covers much of the prosperous city centre. But the local&nbsp.

Light energy in the Milky Way is mapped for the first time in a breakthrough that could reveal how galaxies form - Daily Mail
Milky Way's origins are not what they seem Northwestern University NewsCenter.

A whole new world: Boston schools replace the map they use in classes with an entirely new projection which better ... - Daily Mail
Boston schools ditch conventional world maps in favor of this one The Boston Globe.

Police find body at schizophrenic 20-year-old's $5 million farm after he was re-arrested over the disappearance of ... - Daily Mail
The body of one of the four missing men was discovered in a 12.5 foot deep 'common grave' at Cosmo DiNardo's family farm. Investigators have identified Dean Finocchiaro's remains but have not identified the others in the grave at this time. District.

Schools cancel outdoor recess during Monday's eclipse so children don't damage their eyes - Daily Mail
The letter says district officials recognize that the opportunity to view an eclipse is rare, but the safety of students is more important. ... Central Pennsylvania will see a partial eclipse next Monday sometime between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Eastern.

What do YOUR pimples say about you? From forehead zits pointing to an 'unhappy gut' to chin spots signalling poor ... - Daily Mail
While aches and pains are common signs of illness, one expert has revealed how your face can be a reflection of your inner health too. According to Sydney-based skin expert Emma Hobson, who is Education Manager at the International Dermal Institute,&nbsp.

Children who watch pornography at a young age are more likely to have sex earlier and adopt 'unhealthy sexual habits ... - Daily Mail
On average, exposure to pornography started at 12 years old, with initiation of sexual behaviours starting around one year later. The researchers also found that ongoing active exposure to pornography predicted a higher number of sexual partners in.

The Evil Within 2 Comes Out In October
Survival horror game The Evil Within is getting a sequel, Bethesda announced today during its E3 press conference. Once again, Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame returns as a producer for this creepy series.

'I was horrified to realise strangers could spy on my teenage daughter': TV presenter NADIA SAWALHA warns parents ... - Daily Mail
Can you imagine if a stranger you'd never met could pinpoint on a map where your child was at any given time? You'd be horrified. That was exactly how I felt when my 14-year-old daughter Maddie showed me a new feature to an app which had automatically&nbsp.

FAA Is Working on a Remote Identification System For Consumer Drones
Year after year, drones are becoming more popular with the public and the industry is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. This, coupled with an antsy commercial drone industry, has created a lot of regulatory headaches for the FAA. The latest.

'Not all heroes wear capes': Cheeky cyclist caught 'dabbing' on Google Streetview attracts an army of fans - Daily Mail
A cyclist who was caught 'dabbing' on a Google Streetview image has attracted an army of fans across the world. When the cyclist spotted the Google Streetview camera on Cecil Place in Melbourne in December last year, he decided to take advantage of the&nbsp.

From Spanish in the US to Tatar in Russia: Fascinating map of the world reveals each country's second language - Daily Mail
A map of the world has highlighted the importance of languages in shaping the cultural identity of a country. The maps are part of an infographic created by MoveHub, a website for people looking to move abroad, which swap the names of countries around&nbsp.

Shocking map shows the carbon footprint of EU countries - and the UK is one of the worst offenders - Daily Mail
A new map has been created to visualise the carbon footprints of countries in the EU. The UK and Luxemburghave the worst average carbon footprints, while Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria are the greenest countries. The map suggests that income is one of&nbsp.

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