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DOJ’s curious Supreme Court brief in Arab Bank Alien Tort case
The court’s 2013 Kiobel ... Department brief may keep the Arab Bank case from being completely lopsided – if Arab Bank can leverage it to persuade the justices to look beyond the narrow question of corporate liability under the Alien Tort Statute.

Learn to Read, Write Like a Law Student Before Classes Start - U.S. News & World Report
Students are usually expected to spend two hours of preparation – perhaps reading and writing briefs – for every hour of class in a given subject, such as torts or constitutional law. If a first-year student, known as 1L, is taking 15 credits, "You're.

Benchslap Update: Skadden Partners Learn Their Fates - Above the Law
He accepted the partners' representations that Fuchs played no significant role in preparing the substance of the brief and should therefore not be held accountable for the failure to cite Wigod (the Seventh Circuit case ). According to Judge ... Then.

Stop complaining about the legal job market - Point of Law
Perhaps in mass- tort cases mobilizing hundreds of attorneys, but there's lots of other low-hanging litigation fruit for the picking. You don't need to be physically near the courthouse; everything's electronically filed these days. Get together with.

Administrative Law for All at Yale! - Above the Law
that Professor's Mashaw's Admin class in the fall was undersubscribed because students opted to take different black-letter courses that semester — courses that, at the time, were being offered exclusively in the fall semester for the 2012- 2013.

Herma Hill Kay Receives Lifetime Achievement Award - UC Berkeley
Herma Hill Kay, former dean of Berkeley Law and professor for more than 50 years, has received the Association of American Law Schools' (AALS) 2015 Triennial Award for Lifetime Service to Legal Education and the Law. Appointed to the Berkeley Law&nbsp.

Dean Choudhry Goes on Leave - UC Berkeley
A thorough investigation of this case found that Dean Choudhry's behavior in this situation violated policy, and that he demonstrated a failure to understand the power dynamic and the effect of his actions on the plaintiff personally and in her employment.

'I Consider Law School A Waste Of My Life And An Extraordinary Waste Of Money' - Business Insider
Law grads who lost their scholarships feel "pot committed," to use a poker term, because they put in all the work to take the LSAT , to move to the law school, make new friends, etc. If you lost your scholarship, my advice would be to drop out.

The evidence in the record about Johnson's shift regarding which tooth was missing after the detectives thought they had their man, the lack of a sketch at the John Doe hearing, Johnson's call to Rawson, Rawson's extremely brief initial review of the.

Law Program Delivers Valuable Training to Disadvantaged Teens - UC Berkeley
In “Race, the Constitution and the Supreme Court”—taught by program alum and City of Berkeley attorney Palomar Sanchez—students review seminal cases and debate timely issues while learning how to craft effective arguments. Discussing current events&nbsp.

Richard Weir '16 Awarded 'Golden Ticket' Fellowship - UC Berkeley
From calling Afghanistan to advise the client, helping navigate reams of complex paperwork, petitioning congress members for support, and finding people to write recommendations and help build a strong case , Weir learned the work of an advocate is.

That's a Fine Idea! Meet Wisconsin's Legal Innovators - WisBar
Norman Gahn, shown here at the U.W. Biotechnology Center, issued Milwaukee County's first John Doe DNA arrest warrant in a sexual assault to keep a case open after the statute of limitation expired. His pioneering work in courtroom use of DNA evidence&nbsp.

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